Better ergonomics and more powerful paddle strokes are what the Doubly grip delivers. The focus is on those paddling situations where you want to lower your body position specifically so as be able to paddle more effectively. That may be when you take your first frenetic paddle stroke at the start of an SUP race, or when you get into a situation where a headwind or the wave conditions require it.

When you lower your body position, you lower your grip on the paddle. With a conventional paddle you then have to let go of the top grip on the paddle, and the top hand ends up directly on the shaft (“a choke grip”) – which is where the lower hand is. So you have both hands directly on the shaft, which means your paddle strokes are less powerful and your steering precision is reduced. This counteracts the paddle’s geometry and ergonomics and reduces the effect of the paddle stroke.
– What Doubly aims to do is provide an effective and ergonomic grip for your top hand even when it’s in a low position on the paddle. In other words, two equivalent grips for that crucial top hand, at different levels, on one and the same paddle. Pontus Ny