The amazing snow month

January gave us incredible snow conditions within a radius of 15 km from Gothenburg city S1260001.MP4.00_01_29_23.Still001Credit to those who work early mornings and late nights to prepare the tracks. Landehof / Landvetter.GOPR1595.00_00_08_07 new

new DSC_0021 An unexpected and super fine ski-track at Kviberg, outside Skidome, around the fields. Good to sometimes get a run on a totally flat course.

A_MG_0214Daniel Nordebo with some of his course participants at Landehof.

GOPR4811.MP4.15_22_40_27.Still002 b

GOPR4818.MP4.14_53_39_23.Still001 aNorwegian visit at Landehof.